What Are the Benefits of Asphalt Seal Coating Your Driveway in Richland County, Ohio?

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Seal coating is an additional barrier between your driveway and the weather. Liquids based on bitumen or acrylic are used as the liquid component of sealant mixes. The liquid base is combined with fillers, including polymer additives, water, and silica sand, to create a high-quality composition. Seal coating extends the life of a parking lot or driveway by twice as much when applied routinely.

Asphalt Seal coating

Asphalt seal coating is the compound that protects a parking lot or driveway from the damaging effects of ice and water. Oil, rain, and different pollutants break down asphalt over time, resulting in a hazardous and unappealing surface due to its brittleness.

Pavement sealing is the preferred method of upkeep for roads and asphalt driveways among many homeowners. Applying a seal coat solution to your driveway will save money and time compared to the alternative of completely replacing your driveway.

The Frequency of Seal coat Application

There is much debate among parking lot and asphalt driveway experts on the optimal time to seal coat the surfaces. The frequency of applying the seal coat depends on two factors:

  • The current state of your pavement
  • The local climate


Homeowners who reside in regions that experience all four seasons, including cold, rainy winters and scorching summers, have a greater need for seal coating their homes on a more frequent basis than homeowners who live in climates that are moderate and dry.

In most cases, your parking lot or driveway should be resealed three to five years at the very least. Be sure to give the appearance of your driveway careful consideration, though.

Is it dingy and worn-out looking? Is there evidence of slight fractures that are barely perceptible? If this is the case, you should probably reseal it once a year or more frequently when necessary.


The costs will vary depending on the condition of your driveway, whether you use a sealer that is favorable to the environment, and whether you apply a single or double coat.

Why You Need Asphalt Seal Coating Your Driveway in Richland County, Ohio

Seal coating is a simple method to increase the durability of your pavement, lower maintenance costs, and improve the visual attractiveness of your property. Plan to seal coat your parking lot or asphalt driveway this season, and you will gain these advantages:

  • Reduced expenditures over the long term
  • The prevention of deterioration due to oil, chemicals, and oxygen
  • Armor against the elements, especially snow, rain, and ice
  • Appealing, deep surface color and texture
  • Longer service life for the parking lot and the pavement

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